A STRING OF PEARLS, Vol. I – section 1 from the Intoduction to ASoP: the Moon Mandala (An Overview)

Learn now the secret of the web that is woven between the light and the darkness; whose warp is life evolving in time and space, and whose weft is spun among the lives of men…. and the lives of a man are strung like pearls on the thread of his spirit; and never in all his journey goes he alone, for that which is solitary is barren.

– Dion Fortune, THE SEA PRIESTESS, p. 219 –

This is the first book in a seven part series that will all refer back to this one in order to fully understand each of their meanings. The primary or main objective of this introduction to the first book is to give you, the reader, an accurate overview and a clear definition of what this work actually is.

The contents of this book, consists of a set of integrated sets of systems. These systems include spirituality, science, art and philosophy. It is conceived that these sets of systems are really one and that as such, they must be understood as one from this particular point of view. It is an integral or holistic perspective that sees not just the parts but the whole. It is safe to say then that this perspective sees not only these things but all things are one.This does not therefore exclude other areas of study, like sexuality, politics, labor or law.

Such ideas of course, have their sources in ancient wisdom. They are based on the main ideas from many of the traditional mythologies of Moon lore.  It is a Moon’s eye view. This includes some of the basic folk practices and observances of the old Lunar cults as well as our more recent discoveries in modern science about the Moon. So its source also comes from not just thousands of years old traditions. It also comes from a series of modern ideas that have been developed by human beings over the past 100 years ago, some up to this very present date.

As well I have included writings from personal observations of my own in this text and the other six volumes that will follow this one. Although this was not my original intention it has become for me in many ways the creation of a new kind of mythology. Mythology for me is my theology and the ancient mysteries are my story.

Each one of us will no doubt have our own individual experiences with these ideas. Each one in our own personal study of them though having an overall similar experience will see it in their own way. This is based upon the proclivities in which each of us learns best. Notwithstanding, I do not discourage the idea of studying and putting this material into practice as couples or groups of three or more people. The support of others is encouraged in the undertaking of the individual process that is outlined here.

The  collectively orchestrated sharing of people with one another in such an endeavor can and will undoubtedly, significantly contribute to the wholeness of each person individually as well as the whole group.Thus my story and your story collectively becomes our story through our shared experiences. This is no different from the fact that no matter where on earth you are our experience of the Moon as we see it visually is generally the same.

Indeed the gathering of people for ritual and other activities at different times of the month is based upon the idea of our story or community. So important is this factor that I have dedicated an entire volume to this. My intention is to provide an active discussion forum understanding how the Moon works in our every day lives. Although we may be mostly unaware of its effect on us when we gather together it is so subtlety powerful that it can assist us in literally creating a new reality energetically and materially.

In the format that I am presenting this process in, the Moon Mandala is the visual blueprint of a harmonious life as it was meant to be from a Creationist stand point. (NOTE: Creation is defined and understood very differently from a feminine perspective than it is from a masculine one. The differences of which will be discussed more thoroughly in another place later in Chapter I).

Philosophically speaking, ASoP or A String of Pearls is a proposed construct for living a natural way of life that is based on Nature’s Way. This way of life is based on the Lunar Cycle. It is called Living the Lunar Life. It is also centered on a system of spirituality that honors Feminine Divinity. This simply means that it espouses the idea that not only can there be, but that there is indeed a cosmology that is based on a birth giving goddess rather than a male creator god. The study of which begins with what is called a Lunar Cosmology. Like other cosmologies from different traditions and schools of thought it involves the study of the universe. This study however is specifically taken from our perspective here on earth in relationship to the Moon up in the sky. Its main idea teaches that the Moon itself possess a way of wisdom. This wisdom may be read like a clock in its motions and in its apparent increase and decrease of light. It shows us that there is a way that we might be able to live a happier, healthier and more opulent life and even enlighten our selves thereby.

We will explore how the Moon naturally influences our bodies, our minds and our spirits with its  magnetic tides which pull upon us as it does the tides of the sea. The system of ASoP shows how we may gain certain insights through our own individual experience of these influences. The patterns of monthly and seasonal change is what we are striving to draw the reader’s attention to. The observation of these patterns taken as one complete image has been illustrated into a concrete form. This was done to make the study of it easier. It was also done to make the initial comparison and the connection between all of what we experience in our environment and all of that which we have inner experiences of as one.They may be taken as parts of pattern but collectively they are really a whole.  We call this pattern of oneness the Moon Mandala. The Moon Mandala is visual picture book of Lunar Cosmology. It is the assemblage of the parts of the Moon Cycle in the same way that the body while it may have many parts is still one body. Sometimes our explanation of these things or parts will be metaphorically  told like a story with separate characters in a plot but one theme. Lunar Tides and its mythology. It is these specific things that will be addressed right here in this first section of the introduction from the very start.

The Moon Mandala, when properly understood is the illustrated terrain of the patterns of our life map. It is a map whose topography comes with its own built in legend and with which we find the proper direction through our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical natures expressing the four cardinal points of its compass. Hence, the secondary or learning objective of this book as a whole is to introduce the reader to what ASoP is as well as what its practical use is through the practical application of the Doctrine of Living the Lunar Life (LLL). Thus everything will be outlined in a specific study and practice format based on certain sources. This a reference to other privately published works that I have come to call the Class C Documents. It is these that were my early drafts of the system taken from my own personally dated journal entries and notes before these materials ever came to take on this present form.

It should also be noted here at the outset, that while what I am proposing in this text is philosophical, it should not to be considered only in a theoretical context. It should also be considered from a practical construct that has been built from an amalgamation of thought provoking ideas and formed from questions and intuitive inner reflections but tested by application. It is at once a spiritual text and a scientific study and it is taking of the approach of both of these things that have led me to attempt from the very beginning to put theory in practice in what became for me a viable advancement of spiritual attainment and development that is would not be divorced from the realities or methods of practical science.

Some things I discovered in some of my research had to be excluded not because of lack of relevance, but because some of the subject matter was too involved and would be too expansive to be included in this first volume of which there will be several other volumes of the ASoP system to follow this one. Those writings will make up the other volumes of ASoP. I have called these the Class B and Class A Documents because they deal with levels of study and practice that are intermediate and advanced respectively.

During my research over the past 13 years it has taken time and experimentation to produce the text that you now read here. I offer a compilation here of facts and viewpoints gathered together and organized in a special way not to make any or several arguments but to rather to state that truth that is based on one salient point, which namely is Unity. That point of Unity or oneness is the realization of Feminine Divinity itself and it is revolved around by seven important factors which I will describe in the course of relating these things to the reader in the following seven respective chapters of each of my seven books.

The discussion of these involve a set of courses of study and a set of ritual habits or practices that lead to a sure way of internalizing the principles of the Seven Core Principles. They are intimately involved in the enabling learning objective of to how to be in harmony with Natural Time through the Doctrine of LLL. This state of harmony can and may be affected only if the Student, the Aspirant or Initiate will but use them in the form of the Seven Core Practices. These are Seven ritual habits that I call the Core Practice. I will simply list them here before we begin to lay the foundation of what they indeed are. A full discussion of them is concentrated throughout the text that deals more intimately with them collectively and as a whole. They are:

1) The Study of the MOON MANDALA
2) The Documentation of LUNAR JOURNALING
4) The Practice of LUNAR YOGA
5) The Observance of LUNAR RITUAL
6) The Charting of LUNAR ASTROLOGY
7) The Casting of LUNAR DIVINATION

The Seven Principles of the Core Practice are the specific areas of study and personal practice. These Seven Principles are the meat of the philosophy of ASOP. They have been laid out in the all of the research that I could find to make up this curriculum and set of studies. There are many more things that may have been added to these pages but I selectively chose only those things that could be held by these ideas that are called the Seven Core Principles. Put into the form of ritual habits these Seven Principles became for me, the Seven Core Practices. It is these that are prescribed for the individual, whether female or male who would seek to attune their energy to the Lunar Current and Tides. Such an individual may enroll in the outlined courses called the Core Practice, first as a Student, then as an Aspirant and finally if they choose to be as a Devotee. The seven chapters of this book list and explain them in the best order that I felt they would be received. This philosophy, put into practice has as result of causing effectual change and it is extended right down to even the choosing of its name. The name of this philosophy, which I call ASoP, which is the acronym for the phrase A String of Pearls which will be discussed more thoroughly later on. As you plainly see, it is also the title of this book. This is the spiritual philosophy that I strive every day of my life to live by and whose methods I have found may be literally planted, nurtured and grown into the human experience.

This compilation of this study and practice which I consider to be both Art and Science consists of a combination of ingredients that I am finally satisfied have finally been rendered in their right measure and produced under such conditions as to suit my purpose here to share some of the most essential ideas of this system. The conclusions that I have come to in my own use of it are that an appropriate respect for the Feminine Principle and the acknowledgement of the necessity to live in accordance with Natural Time can lead to a happier healthier life. As those who take up this study will readily see immediately through study and use of this system, effectiveness resides very heavily in the observance of what we will call the Four Universal Laws. The most important of these is the Law of Periodicity, for it is periodicity, the structure of time, i.e., the seasons of the year and the periods of the Moon, more specifically, which govern what our most appropriate actions should be at any given time.

These are the underlying shaping factors for success that were defined in the Old Testament biblical text, Ecclesiastes, as the proverbial “time and place for everything under the sun.” It is just these actions of the right time and place in particularly that the study of what I will call the Lunar Sciences deals with most intimately. The only difference will be that our major focus here will be on what takes time and place from the perspective of being under the Moon rather than the Sun.

This series of books deals with such things as the nature of evolution and change as it takes place in a very natural and non-assuming way in nature. It is quite spontaneous in many ways although it would be wrong  to say it is random. In fact it is quite ordered, but not in a linear way. That is to say that nature exists as it does and creates as it does in circles rather than just straight lines. We are  informed by it, first from the observance of Natural Time which is simply a review of the natural order of revolution of the Law of Cycles.

As it has already been stated part of the major subject of the discussion in this work revolves around the concept of Feminine Divinity and part of it revolves this circular perception of time. More particularly it involves what my own experiences have been dealing what is called Natural Time. But how did I come up with the name of this system A String of Pearls? What is it and why is it so significant? What is the Moon Mandala? What is this course of study and why is woman, the most important subject in the course of it? Indeed! Why the Moon?


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